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The Geography of Spain

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Mountains, Valleys, Rivers, Oceans and everything in between.

Tiétar River in the Sierra de Gredos, Avila

Spain lies between two continents – Europe and Africa—and between two bodies of water—the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. The second largest country in Western Europe occupies five-sixths of the Iberian Peninsula, which it shares with Portugal and with the two-square-mile British colony of Gibraltar.

The jagged wall of the Pyrenees Mountains separates northeastern Spain and France and the independent principality of Andorra. To the west is Portugal, and to the south, eight miles across the straits and clearly visible, lies Africa. The Atlantic, with its Bay of Biscay, and the Mediterranean, with its Balearic Sea, border all but the 280-mile-wide isthmus joining Spain to the rest of Europe.

Fifty percent of the area of peninsular Spain consists of an arid tableland, the Meseta, almost totally enclosed by the high Sierras of Guadarrama and Gredos and the mountains of Toledo. Other peaks, rising abruptly from narrow bands of coastal lowlands, encircle the interior of the country.

Like its numerous mountain ranges, Spain’s river system, including the four largest rivers — the Tajo, Ebro, Duero and Guadalquivir — divides the country into a number of regions. In one of these distinctive sectors, the austere Castilian highlands, lies Madrid, Spain’s capital city.

In addition to the mainland, Spanish territory comprises the Balearic and Canary Islands and the strategic Moroccan enclaves of Ceuta and Melilla.

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