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The Climate in Spain

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It's Climate

Protective mountain barriers and the warming effects of the warming effects of the northern gulf stream and Mediterranean currents moderate Spain’s four climactic zones: the north and northwest; the central plateau; the southernmost region; and the Mediterranean coast.

Abundant year-round rainfall lends a deep-green color to northern pastures and meadowlands. Seasonal temperatures vary only slightly; winters are mild, summers, cool.

The central table land exhibits wide climactic variations, both during the course of a single day and seasonally. Here, as in other high elevations, raw winters are characterized by snowstorms and penetrating winds. During the dry summers, many Madrileńos seek relief on the more temperate coasts.

Ancient olive groves and vineyards thrive in the hot semiaridity of southern summers. Winters are pleasant, with frosts occurring only once or twice a year.

The eastern coast and Balearic Islands enjoy typically Mediterranean weather: semitropical warmth, sunshine and long dry spells. Spring and autumn winds bring localized storms with brief but heavy rains.

In Spain, as in most of the rest of the world, temperatures are measured on the Centigrade-Celsius scale. To convert to Fahrenheit:

    • Multiply the Centigrade reading by 9
    • Divide the result by 5
    • Add 32

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