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Free Spain Travel Guide

Free Spain Travel Guide

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Spain Headstart Guide - Introduction To Spain

What is a fabada? Do you play jai alai? Find out this & more about Spain.

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Spain (officially called the Kingdom of Spain) is a fascinating mix of cultures. Due to its geographic location it has been influenced throughout history by cultures such as the Goths, Moores and Romans. All of these influences combined with its centuries of rule as a colonial power around the world has created a weave of cultures unequaled in the world. From the cultural aspects to the amazing food, visiting Spain can be one of the most unforgettable trips of your life. This Free Spain Travel Guide was created by the Live Lingua online Spanish immersion school using the FSI Headstart Spain book as a base and updated it. You can enjoy this free Spain travel guidebook by reading through our website or by downloading it to your favorite eBook reader. To get started just click the button below, or select the topic you are interested in from the table of contents to the right.

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